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Quest Adviser will help you find a suitable escape game in Naberezhnye Chelny. All you need is to use the search filters: choose rooms by theme, price, acceptable age and number of players. Another option to use the ready selections by the most popular tags. Discover the world of live games of Naberezhnye Chelny! Reality games are a new but already renowned kind of entertainment. Show your wits, logic and intuition and escape the room. Every minute counts! 

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What is a live escape game?

It’s a kind of intellectual entertainment. A team of players is locked up in a location and its goal is to get out by solving puzzles and finding clues. Time is limited, as a rule a team’s got 60 minutes to escape.

Why do people get fascinated by escape rooms?

Escaping a room is a unique experience in many ways. You get immersed into circumstances and a role that will never emerge in real life. You can easily become a detective tracing a murderer or a superhero on its dangerous mission or a survivor at zombie-apocalypse…Secondly, escape rooms are an exciting way to test your brains and team work abilities. Coming from one puzzle to another gets a player into the thrill of gaming and what a pleasant feeling it is to come out as a winner!

How to choose an escape game?

You can use the filter to put in any options including type of the live game, its theme, maximal quantity of players, age of the youngest player and so on. You can find the best suitable location by searching for rooms on the map. The third way is to view ready-made listings, like escapes for big company, horror escapes, robbery escapes etc.

What is the price for escape rooms?

Usually the price varies from 20 to 30 USD for each player.

Is any experience, knowledge or physical training needed?

No! Live escape games don’t require anything beside your desire to play. Don’t fear to get stuck during the gameplay. Administrator who’s watching players can give hints, direct or indirect, so that participants could move further on.

Remember, that a ticket to an escape game will also make an original present for your friends and colleagues that will bring joy and fun! Speaking about colleagues playing an escape room can work wonders as teambuilding activity. Every member is involved in search of answers and solutions, the team spirit will be increased greatly.  

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